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Code-a-Phone (Audio): Tonight's Top Ten Reason You Should Keep an Open Mind —The Only Durable Solution...
Mar 18 At the MEC's request, independent outside counsel Roland Wilder was asked to further analyze USAPA's contentions regarding its ability to remedy the effects of the award and also asked Mr. Wilder to comment on current legal issues regarding the Nicolau award. He concludes that “the only sure way for the US Airways pilots to undo the harm of the Nicolau award and preserve their seniority in the next merger (not just now) is to obtain a negotiated or litigated resolution with the West pilots.”

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 MEC Press Releases                   
March 6, 2008 -- US Airways Unit of the Air Line Pilots Association Reelects MEC Officers
December 11, 2007 -- US Airways Pilots Responds to Kirby Comments
October 25, 2007 -- US Airways Pilots Picket at Philadelphia Airport
September 27, 2007 -- US Airways Pilots Picket at Reagan Washington National Airport to Protest Pay Discrimination
June 27, 2007  -- US Airways Pilots File Suit to Vacate Seniority Arbitration Award

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Feb 2008 Furlough Administrators Update

Jan 9, 2008  Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act (FTEPA): FAA InFO and FAQs

Dec 23  R&I update on Age 65

Dec 19  MEC NewsDirect: R&I Special Notice 

Dec 16  Special R & I Committee Update (Retirement Age 65)

Nov 18 - Age 60 Limit Update
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R&I update on open enrollment for retired and LTD pilots

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Winter/Spring 2007-- Chairman's Article - Do Your Own Job
                                    Central Scheduling
- Do You Have LEGAL Rest?

                                    Strike Preparedness - Have You Had Enough?

US Airways Pilots on the Web

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US Airways pilots' profession, communities and history

US Airways Pilots on the Web

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